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Shipping from China

Shipping from China

As well as the production of gifts, we offer our clients a shipping service to the required destination for the products we produce. Our cargo specialists make careful consideration and propose the optimal means of delivery for your goods, allowing you to minimize your outgoings and receive your product at the right time.

Once the product is prepared it can be shipped in various ways. For example, on a tight deadline the best option is shipping by air, whereas it is more economical to ship by sea. All products undergo quality controls before shipping, and are then packaged and loaded into containers. A company employee must be present at the loading to make sure that the products are loaded properly and to full capacity.


Our many years of experience and reliable partnership with representatives on the transport services market has allowed us to develop our agency network and we have direct contracts with agents in all regions of China, which allow us to receive, process and ship cargo from any point in China to any required destination.


Working with a company that can deliver professional services throughout - from production to delivery, saves you significant amounts of time!