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Bijou-ear headphones with beads

Are you looking for fun and inspiring ideas on bright, stylish and functional gifts that will please your colleagues, clients or partners, long-term working for your brand awareness?

If so, Dragon Gifts recommends paying attention to modern and fashionable accessory – bijou-ear headphones with beads.

BJ ear 1 594y207ENG.jpg

Bijou-ear headphones with beads as colorful and textured accessories will make you stand out from the rest, delivering great sound bits of your favorite music and providing a good mood at anytime, anywhere!

Our spectacular bijou headphones will highlight your brand and help your company get closer to the reference target audience, if you are promoting your product using a variety of marketing campaigns tools - competitions, games, simple and advanced loyalty programs, purchasing gifts, etc.

BJ ear 2 594d207 ENG.jpg

Bijou headphones can be focused on completely different segments of the target audience and performed in various styles, made of different materials. For example, the models made of warm wood are suitable for ethno-style fans. Bijou headphones manufactured from glass of delicate shades are ideal for romantic and business persons; the models coming with bright plastic suite for those who like disco; metal beads are great for rock fans...

BJ ear 3 594w207 ENG.jpg

Bijou headphones is a nice gift not only for the lovely girls, but also for real men, if they are performed in the laconic style, made of male materials (e.g., metal, leather or dark wood) and coming in discreet colors.

BJ ear 4 594r207 ENG.jpg

Bijou headphones rejoice not only with their stylish design, but also with the superior performance. They are tightly fastened in the ears, not rubbing them within the prolonged use. Convenient wire with magnetic attachment, light in weight, and 3.5 mm connector make these headphones models optimized for the most popular smartphones. Answer button allows you to receive the call and adjust the volume of your favorite tracks.

BJ ear 5 594h207 ENG.jpg

Frequency characteristics within the 20,000 Hz will give the opportunity to enjoy excellent sound, without cutting the bass or treble. 108-112 dB sensitivity will provide good volume, even on a noisy street.

We recommend applying your company logo on individual packing of the headphones. For packaging you may use a plastic case, tiny pouch made of clothes, corresponding the overall style of the product; or any other packaging, developed by individual design.

Give bright and stylish gifts! Dragon Gifts company will continue to acquaint you with the most interesting and fresh ideas for your souvenirs!

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