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Bluetooth bracelet Watch

How often do you forget your phone at home, office, cafe? From time to time? Then let us advise you the novelty from Dragon Gifts - bracelet with watch and Bluetooth function. With such an elegant and fashionable decoration this will not happen again. 

Stylish and bright accessory has been designed to ensure that you will not miss any incoming phone call, lose your phone and be late for an important meeting. In standby mode, the display shows current time. And when you receive a phone call the bracelet will vibrate and the display shows the phone number and name of the caller.


This is very handy in remote or noisy places where you may not hear calls. If you are not able to answer the call at this time, then you just need to click 3 times on the side button, so reset the incoming call directly to the bracelet. The Bluetooth feature also protects you from losing your phone, starting to vibrate at a distance from it by more than 10 meters.

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