iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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LED Earphones & USB Cable

No doubt iPhone is now offered mass of accessories that can both perform a useful function or be only decorative element. Each user understands that without the original case or a cute sticker on the button it will still be safe to use the phone. But there is a number of accessories that can often be useful to any person. Two of these essential accessories are earphones and usb-cable.

Although it would seem that the original can come up with for these items? No, all the same producers of gifts accustomed to amaze. Dragon Gifts presents you a glowing earphones and usb-cable.


How is it possible to give an original look to an ordinary data cable or earphones? But they can easily become an original decoration. Walking down the street in luminous earphones, you will probably attract hundreds of curious and surprised looks. A desktop will get a certain highlight, there will be a glowing cable. At the same time, it will copy the data, synchronize your phone or just charge it.

Earphones and usb-cable can be performed in a completely different colors. Also do not forget that you can put a logo. Get ready to surprise and give unexpected gifts!

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