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USB Data Cabels

There is countless number of devices and accessories for the iPhone designed for a more comfortable work or just of the original appearance. Even for the most ordinary usb-cord managed to turn into a striking accessory.

Dragon Gifts offers to replace the boring data cables with the bright and original!


Ordinary white cord has undergone a slight modification. The producers decided to decorate it in different colors. Now everyone can choose the cord according to their color preferences. Sky blue or sunny yellow, grass green or deep red.


Another option is more original cable in the form of a bracelet. If you have to use the cable often enough, such a model would be the best solution. It is not a simple one-color cable, and a full accessory looking like a real bracelet. Such cables are presented in a variety of colors. By the way, you can choose or create your own, in accordance with the corporate style of the company.

USB-Data Cable is an essential accessory. It provides faster data transfer. Using it you can sync or charge iPhone and iPad. Therefore, this accessory will fit easily as unusual promotional gift.

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