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OTG USB Flash Drive

Perhaps there is no such person who could deny the benefits of using usb stick in work: fast, compact in size and with good capacity for information USB flash drive has become an indispensable companion of a businessman. 

But many users are increasingly turning to the use of alternative device such as a smartphone or tablet instead of computers. In this case, the user can work with more comfort, but there is one disadvantage - a USB flash drive can not be used in conjunction with a tablet or an iPhone.


However, developers have found a way and created a universal device which is not only a standard usb, but it also has a special connector for smartphones. Thus, the flash drive is compatible with a range of portable devices, ie it is possible to record information and to view the available information on a flash drive. Undoubtedly, such an accessory can solve some inconvenience for the users.

Such devices can be ordered as gifts in Dragon Gifts. It is possible to print your company's logo on the usb stick. This means you can present your customers not only a useful device, but also an opportunity to remind of yourself.

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