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Phone holder shaped a heart

Favorite Christmas and New Year holidays are just around the corner, and almost immediately, the long-awaited holidays symbolizing the coming of spring are coming. St. Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14th starts the spring series of feasts. Millions of loving and trembling hearts around the world prepare Valentine’s gifts with the most sincere wishes for their nearest and dearest on this special day.

Dragon Gifts company recommends to support this beautiful holiday and congratulate your favorite customers, employees and partners, focusing on the warm relationship and draws your attention to the phone holder made in the shape of a heart!

heartphone 4 594h207 ENG.jpg

Phone holder shaped a heart can be made of different materials and come in various designs, to best fit your company needs. For example, if your company plans to win status audience attention and to congratulate your customers and partners, this exquisite collection with Swarovski crystals is perfectly suited for this purpose.

heartphone 594r207 ENG.jpg

Subtle heart, shiny ring, starry chain of Swarovski crystals fitted in a stylish packaging is a great gift for real ladies and a nice souvenir in its more concise version for all representatives of strong half of a mankind. Personalization can be done by means of engraving, pad printing or UV printing directly on the heart or right on the packaging.

heartphone 5 vxynzhk 594s207 ENG.jpg

If you are planning a large-scale promotional campaign for teenager audience, the phone holder shaped a heart can be made of high quality plastic and is available in rich colors. Young trendsetters will be pleased to receive this cute mobile accessory. And your company logo applied by the method of screen printing, pad printing or embossing, will work for your brand for a long time!

heartphone 3 594r207 ENG.jpg

The phone holder is compatible with different phone models and smartphones, and is convenient in use. For comfortable phone holding in a hand, open the rings and put them on the middle finger and forefinger.

heartphone 2 594v207 ENG.jpg

Holder in the shape of a heart is securely fastened to the rear of the mobile phone, can be easily removed and leaves no traces after use!

Your gift can be valuable, if you add a sweet Valentine with warm wishes from the leading person of your company!

Give the "cordial" gifts! Dragon Gifts company wishes you good relationship with your customers, and will be pleased to help strengthen them, offering the most desirable and stylish gifts!

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